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Candida Rotation Blends

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This is a triple-threat set of 3 bottles of tincture, designed to give you a way to prevent candida (yeast infections, thrush) and other internal systemic fungal infections from becoming resistant to herbal treatments. Each blend is based around one of the top remedies for candida, with 9 more complimentary anti-fungal herbs. It works especially well used in conjunction with the topical Candida Killer VII essential oil blend.

It is important that you use only one blend at a time, for one to four weeks, before switching to the next blend. To prevent side effects from colony die-off, the first time you use the blends only use each one for a week, with a one-week break in between each blend. Drink plenty of water, avoid sugars and starches, and make sure your diet contains adequate fiber and probiotics.

Consult with a good health practitioner before beginning any herbal cleaning regimen, including for candida. For children, use tiny doses, and drop onto a spoonful of hot water for a few moments to allow the alcohol to evaporate prior to giving to them.

#1 Spice
    ◦   Ashwaghanda
    ◦   Black Walnut
    ◦   California Poppy
    ◦   Cinnamon
    ◦   Clove
    ◦   Echinacea
    ◦   Grape seed
    ◦   Myrrh
    ◦   Oregon Grape
    ◦   Pau d'Arco

#2 Kryptonite
    ◦   Aloe Vera
    ◦   Astragalus
    ◦   Calendula
    ◦   Chamomile
    ◦   Chlorella &/or Spirulina
    ◦   Neem
    ◦   Olive leaf
    ◦   Oregano
    ◦   Peppermint
    ◦   Thyme

#3 Heat
    ◦   Barberry
    ◦   Cayenne
    ◦   Fennel
    ◦   Garlic
    ◦   Ginger
    ◦   Goldenseal
    ◦   Licorice
    ◦   Papaya seed
    ◦   Shatavari
    ◦   Turmeric

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